» Well trained, qualified & dedicated staff.

» Hostel facilities available for boys and girls.

» Focus on all round growth and development (Physical, Mental & Spiritual.)

» Enhancement of the sense of duty.

» Formaing correct attitudes such as Nationalism, Liberalism, Rationalism etc.

» Library & fully equipped Lab. Stress on Moral Education & character building.

» Turning your child in to an ideal citizen having the qualities of love, tolerence, harmony & service.

The College authority will try to provide the suitable reference books to the student.


Rules and Regulations for the issue and return of library books-


1. Students can borrow a maximum number of two books at a time for 15 (fifteen) days.
2. Students must return the borrowed books within 15 (fifteen days from the date of issue.
3. A fine of Rs. 2/- shall be charged for every book beyond the stipulated date of return.
4. The book can be re-issued once it is returned, if there is no reservation of the same book by another person.
5. Marking or writing therein with ink or pencil, tearing off and taking out its pages or otherwise damaging will constitute an injury to a book.
6.Any such injury to a book is serious offence.
7. A book will be issued only to the students who are concerned and not to any one else.
8. Students must return all the books and obtain "No Due" from the library before filling up the forms of final exam.

Unit test, class test, pre final test and screening test conducted in the college are compulsory for all students. In case of absence, a fine of Rs. 500/- will be imposed.

College has a full fledged Boy's & Girls Hostel.

* Students belonging to SC/ST/OBC communities are eligible for scholarships from the Govt. of Assam.
* Students secured 80% or above in H.S. final examination are eligible for merit scholarship from the Govt. of India. Rs. 10,000/- per year and it will continue for further studies if they secure 60% or above in the final exam.

"Phulai Bora Memorial Prize" is awarded to the student who obtains the highest aggregate in H.S. final examination, appearing from the college. The prize is given in the form of Cash Rs. 5,000/- along with a Trophy.


1. Parents and guardians are requested to co-operate with the college authority regarding rules, attendance and character building of their sons/daughters/wards.

2. Parents are requested to meet the Principal as and when required for the interests of the students.



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