Ramanujan Junior College, founded in 2005, stands true to its motto - "Education, Development and Progress" along with a long-cherished desire to impart quality education. The emphasis is laid on success in a competitive educational field. Its ultimate goal is to pave the way for a splendid career. Primarily the college was started as a coaching institute named Ramanujan Academy in 2003. It is worthwhile to mention that the academy achieved immense response from the society and later on it was decided to give birth to a junior college named Ramanujan Junior College, comprising of both science and arts stream, in the year 2005. Now, Ramanujan is on a dual service - Ramanujan Junior College and Ramanujan Academy, both are co-educational.


Objectives of the College :


To enable the students to understand the basic concept of the core subjects.

To equip and guide the students to apply the basic concept acquired.

Due to the intensive, extensive, and analytical coaching in each subject by the permanent and qualified faculties the students are able to prepare for the all India level competitive examinations such as JEE(Mains & Advance) and All India Medical Examination.

To enable the students to acquire the skill of problem analysis in an examination environment and to ensure their optimum all round performance.

Regular interaction with guardians by the management for monitoring the students and building a rapport between the teachers and the students to create a healthy teaching and learning environment.

The committed and qualified faculty working on a permanent basis conducts periodical tests to help the students to be mentally alert and emotionally balanced to face the toughest entrance examinations with confidence in the future.

To provide moral education with a view to preparing the students to face real life situations.



The Ramanujan Junior College is established in the year 2005, preparing to start intake of students from the session 2005-2006 in both Science and Arts faculty. It is run by "Ramanujan Society of Education, Social and Rural Development", a non-government organization (Registered under societies Registration Act 1860, bearing registration No. RS/NG/254/F/47 of 2004-2005).


Information about the governmental and academic recognition of our institution :


Ramanujan Junior College has acquired permission from A.H.S.E.C to start H.S. 1st year Arts and Science classes under No. A.H.S.E.C / RER / PERM / NEW / 0506 / 6707 / dated 28/04/2005. The institution has also acquired prior permission from the govt. of Assam vide No. PC / PR / 139 / 2008 / 101 / dated 10th June 2009. H.S 1st Year permission is accorded by the A.H.S.E.C vide No. A.H.S.E.C./ RPR / RRC / 57 /06 / 6681 / dated 10/9/2009 and H.S. 2nd year permission is accorded by the A.H.S.E.C vide No. A.H.S.E.C./ RPR / RRC / 58 /06 / 8772(A) / dated 07/09/2010 Further, the institution has govt. Registration vide No. AS - 02 - JC - 74 dated 25/02/2010 Recognition No.- AHSEC/RPR/RRC/60/07/9327(A), dtd-20/09/2011.


Principal & Secretary : Mr. Dilip Kumar Borah,M.Sc., B.Ed..(NET qualified), Ph # 9435162455
VICE PRINCIPAL : Mrs. Sangeeta Baruah Bora (M.A) Ph # 9864240898
CONTROLLER OF EXAMINATION : Mr. Parag Borah, M.Sc, B.Ed, Ph# 8822140960
CO-ORDINATOR( ENTRANCE BASE TEST) : Mr. Parag Borah, M.Sc, B.Ed, Ph# 8822140960
JOINT CO-ORDINATOR : Mr. Parag Paran Saikia, M.Sc.Ph# 8486753110
CAREER COUNCILLORS : Mr. Ankush Kahar, B.Tech.(USA)


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