Educational Tour : We undertake educational tour as per AHSEC syllabus for 2nd year science students.

1. Admission will be given on merit basis only. The college authority reserves the right of rejection when seats are limited.
2. The students seeking admission to the college shall have to apply in the prescribed form available with the prospectus.
3. The filled forms must be submitted to the college office on or before the date as notified by the college authority.
4. Reservation for ST, SC & OBC as per Govt. rule.
5. 3% Reservation for the candidates of Ramanujan Secondary School.
6. 5% Reservation on Merit basis for Nagaon based students.
CAREER COUNSELLING CELL: We encourage our students to interact with the ex-students and the guest faculties, regarding their careers.
The medium of instruction is English for Science Students and for Arts both in Assamese and English in separate sections.

English, MIL (Assamese, Alt. English, Bengali & Hindi), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science.


English, MIL (Assamese, Alt. English, Bengali & Hindi), Economics, Political Science, Education, Logic & Philosophy, Sociology, Advance Assamese, Sanskrit, Geography, History, Anthropology


(a) Economics, Statistics, Mathematics & Geography.


(b) Economics, Statistics, Mathematics & Logic & Philosophy.


(c) Economics, Statistics, Mathematics & Computer Science & Application.

(i) The Students can take either Sociology or Anthropology
(ii) The Students can take either Advance Assamese or Sanskrit or History.

The College aims at providing education with high moral valuesto the students who are committed to hard work. The students are expected to maintain strict discipline and order in and out of the campus .In furtherance of its commitment to an environment of honesty fairness and mutual respect, the college takes serious cognizance of acts of academic / professional misconduct that include cheating on academic exercises, misrepresentation etc. They should be sincerely devoted to their studies and should not waste time unnecessarily. All the students will have to abide by the rules and regulations framed by the college. Students found guilty will have to face penal action viz: cancellation of admission or expulsion from the College.


Sec A
100 Nos.
Sec B
100 Nos.
Sec C
100 Nos.
Sec D
100 Nos.
Sec E 100 Nos.



Assamese Medium Sec A
80 Nos.
Assamese Medium Sec B 80 Nos.
English Medium Sec C 80 Nos.
English Medium Sec D 80 Nos.

Science : 85% Both SEBA, CBSE & other Boards
Arts : 60% Both SEBA, CBSE & other Boards


Career Counselling Cell : We encourage our students to interact with the ex-students and the guest faculties, regarding their careers.

The college uniform is as specified:


For Boys : Black trousers, light pink shirt & maroon sweater

For Girls : Light pink salwar kameez, white churni & maroon sweater (No leggings).

Terms & Conditions
1. 100% attendance is compulsory except when there are serious medical problems.Students not found satisfactory in this criterion may not be allowed to appear in the final examination. Students are required to behave in a responsible and dignified manner. Any unruly behaviour, undesirable habits and repeated offence including ragging will invite disciplinary action such as expulsion from the college.
2. No students are allowed to engage in private tuition.
3. Mobile phones, Smart Watch & Bikes are strictly prohibited for students. If any student is found with mobile phones, Smart Watch && Bikes in the college campus(even outside in College uniform), he/she will be fined Rs. 500 and the mobile phones & Bikes will be confiscated.
N.B: If its is needed College will allow online classes and online exam through mobile.
4. The identity card issued by the college authority is a document of the student which has to be renewed in each calendar year. The entry into the institute without the identity card is not permitted. If the identity card of a student is lost/misplaced, the institute will issue a duplicate I-card against the payment of Rs. 100/-. If any student is found misusing the I-card he/she will be rusticated from the institute.
5. If a student is absent for  more than 15 consecutive days without any prior written application, he/she may be expelled from the Institute. No separate intimation will be sent to the parents. No fees or part of the fees paid will be refunded in such cases. The decision of the  Principal in this regard will be final and binding on the students and parents.
6. Students, found absent, in any examination conducted by the college might be fined  Rs. 500/- except on medical grounds.
7. If a student stays away from classes on any particular day(s) he/she must come on the following day with a letter of  endorsement from the parents/ guardian  explaining the reason for absence. The College authority may reject the leave application if the ground is not found to be genuine.
8. During college hours the students are strictly prohibited from leaving the college campus.
9. The late enrollment has to pay the total amount of fees required at the time of admission.
10. No transfer certificate will be issued until all the dues of the college are paid in full for the Two Years. The parents/guardian will have to apply to the college authority for transfer certificate.
11. No student is allowed to attend classes  without uniform.
12. If any student damages the college property intentionally he will have to bear the expenses for the repair work. The authority may take  legal action against him/her.
13. Students are not allowed to go outside during class hours even with their family, without informing the college authority.
14. If students fail to get desirable marks in their respective subjects in the college examination they have to attend the remedial classes later on.
15. No religious functions are allowed to be celebrated  in the college campus .
16. The students who are enrolled in the institute will have to work hard regularly . If the teachers feel that a student is not working hard, creating indiscipline in the institute and is irregular, he/she may be expelled from the institute. The decision of the Principal in this regard will be final and binding on the student. No fee or part of the fee will be refunded in such cases.
17. After completing the process of registration, if a student becomes disinterested in the institute due to any reason whatsoever and wants to take his/her money back, the institute will not refund the money deposited for registration/admission .
18. Students are not allowed to change their subjects after 30 days from the date of admission. Post 30 days they have to bring written permission from the Council to change their subjects.
19. Parents can meet the Principal for any enquiry about their ward’s progress or any other problem concerning their wards with prior appointment only.
20. Any change of address should be notified in writing to the office within 7 to 10 days.
21. A student who is late by 10 minutes for classes/test, will not be allowed to enter the classroom.
22. In case any parent/guardian misbehaves with any staff member of the institute his/her ward can be rusticated from the institute and no request for readmission of such a student will be entertained. The decision of the Principal will be final and binding on the student and parent/guardian.
23. The Present academic session starts from June 2022 to May 2023 . Students must pay the fees for the whole academic session.
24. If any mishap occurs in the premises of Ramanujan Junior College, due to natural calamity of any type viz: earthquake, floods, fire, electric short circuit etc., the institute will not be responsible in any manner whatsoever.


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